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Architecture for Wellness

Architecture for Wellness What is architecture for wellness? Surely the building we sit in couldn’t have that much of an impact on our overall health, could it? Well, it does indeed. At OSA, we are a passionate advocate for creating healthy homes for all New Zealanders. We support raising the…

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Architecture for Wellness
What type of home suits my lifestyle?

What type of home suits my lifestyle?

What type of home suits my lifestyle? Do you remember that game from Primary School, MASH? The one where you wrote down the names of some kids in your class, different occupations and various types of homes? The idea was that after putting your name into some kind of algorithm,…

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Concrete alternatives and sustainable materials to use in construction

Concrete alternatives and sustainable materials to use in construction What’s wrong with concrete? Well, traditional concrete accounts for a tremendous amount of construction and demolition waste and releases tons of greenhouse gases into our environment every year. It may seem like it’s unavoidable, as concrete is a very common material…

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Concrete alternatives and sustainable materials to use in construction

About our company

Buildings sit around us for a long time. They consume large amounts of energy both in their making and in their use. Even the richest societies cannot afford to renew and replace them frequently. Their permanence makes them an important part of our collective identity, our security, and our civilisation. Fine buildings fill us with delight and comfort, whilst wasteful buildings are ugly and immensely damaging.

With over 30 years of experience, OSA is a practice committed to delivering unique quality design solutions individually tailored to the needs of the client. Our goal is to create value through innovative, inspirational yet environmentally sustainable architecture that will defy the test of time.

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How we do it

We don’t work all that differently to other design firms, but the impact of having a 6+ Homestar rated building is massive (and it actually saves you money in the long run). Our focus is on your needs as a client, but to add an informed perspective to improve the spaces we spend our time. 

We work closely with the Superhome Movement, to ensure our homes are in line with better building technology and design understanding, more common in other countries, but very applicable to our climate. 

At OSA, energy efficient design is our greatest passion. It is paramount for us to utilise the natural resources that Mother Nature has given us, which results in water and energy savings and promotes a healthy lifestyle. Buildings should be a machine that functions in itself to provide a healthy, comfortable, and affordable space for us to live and work in. 

“Architecture is really about well-being. I think that people want to feel good in a space… On the one hand it’s about shelter, but it’s also about pleasure.” – Zaha Hadid


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